Saturday, May 08, 2010

John McC - Memories from his youth

Hi Bob- some observations re recent postings. (1) I agree with Linda Laroche that the PM behind Albert Smith's signature signified that he was the town postmaster-- I remember taking mail from our house to his store for drop off. (2) Smith's store was also the local licencee for the coal oil that we used to burn in the oil stove in our foyer. We had no furnace in the forties and the oil stove(commonly called a space heater) supplemented the heat from the big Findlay wood and coal stove in the kitchen to keep our house warm in the winter. During the cold months either my brother Jim or I would take a container on a toboggan to the store where Mr Smith had a 45 gallon drum of the oil on the back deck of the store. Either Mr Smith Sr or his son Albert Jr would fill the container and we would then haul the filled container home to resupply the oil stove. (2) I do remember Jim Hall ,not as a bread delivery man but as the owner of the coal and oil delivery business that he ran with his brother Bert. Approximately twenty years later I had the pleasure of coaching Jim's son Brian who was the Quarterback of the South Shore Colts Juvenile Football team.(3) Our bread delivery man was an Irishman which I knew only as"Jim the Baker" who delivered for Canada Bread. Jim had the map of Ireland in blue lines on a red background face due to his love of the demon grog which he enjoyed very much. Generally Jim hit our house at about 10:00-10:30 in the morning but on the 24th of Dec and March 17th(complete with a sprig of shamrocks on his company cap) we would most likely not see him until app 4:00, because of the number of tipples that were offered him on his route. It's a good thing that his horse knew not only the route in GFPK but also the road back to the company stable in Montreal (4) The picture of Jim Grant in the photo of Jim Naylor and his trophy reminded me that I had at one time or other caddied for both Johnny Patton and Jim's father Kenny Grant. Kenny Grant if memory serves was the partner of Pean Bennett as owners of MacNieces Sporting Goods Store on Mansfield Street in Montreal. Bennett was also a Country Club of Montreal member. JMcC PS Kudos to the Hamblin-Simard team for the new/old material that they are supplying to the blog. Keep it coming Gentlemen

Thanks John McC..... my grandmother had a space heater in her 3rd floor flat in Verdun and coal oil fired burners on the kitchen stove combined with wood burning oven and a warmer over top. The oil man would haul the hose up 3 flights of stairs at the back of the building and fill her tank in the back shed. We, my uncle or I, would fill the glass bottle (similar to todays 5 gallon water jugs) it had a screw on spring loaded spigot. The bottle would be turned upside down in the feeder to supply the space heater. Again John thank you for the reminder of our youth, they were great times.

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