Sunday, May 09, 2010

John Mc's Post of Saturday

I just read todays blog and saw John's contribution.

Of particular interest was the referral to his Family's Findlay Wood Burning Furnace.

When we were in our early teens a group from the United Church Called " Christian Teeners" went on a weekend visit to Carleton Place Ontario.... If I remember correctly I think John's wife Diane was on that trip....

The Carleton Place Group that hosted us later returned the visit to the Park.

One of the " Kids" from Carleton Place was a Findlay ( George?? Dave?? ) and was a member of the Stove Making Family as Findlay Furnaces were manufactured in Carleton Place and shipped across the country.

In my later life I bought a fireplace insert for my Fireplace in Saskatoon that was a Findlay and was also made in Carleton Place.

I still use it in my back yard as a outdoor fireplace in the summer.

Ironically Carleton Place, the birth place of his old furnace, is within spitting distance of where John currently resides.

Small World.


Thanks Ralph..... the 2009 golf season is coming to a close do you think we'll get out and play a round in 2010????

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