Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last chance, well not quite, to respond to the 3 W's

Well Folks,

I had expected a flurry of responses to my mini survey however it would seem that many of you are shy about letting us all know the answers to my questions. That is unfortunate since the main purpose was to stimulate responses that would not only entertain our readers but to let them know where you are today.

I will run the request until Tuesday the 11th of May, 2010 in the hopes that more of you will take the time to respond.... don't forget, this is your blog about your home town, for you .....your input is not only helpful but essential to its success.

1 - Who is viewing ? Are you a Parker or not

2- Why do you view the site ? and would you like to see changes

3 - Where are you located ? Country/City ... what ever

Now lets keep it simple... email me a brief note and state whether I may post it...

Thank you in advance

bob dot hawkins44 at gmail dot com

Keep it clean

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