Saturday, May 08, 2010

Response to the 3 W's from Oakville

Hi Bob,
Happy Friday..
I have been a daily ( well almost daily ) viewer for some time now, can't remember who ( Mrs Patricia Hill I think ) told me about the site..

1- Allen Elson
Born and raised, left in '86

2- You can leave the Park, however the Park never leaves you. Never realized it growing up, but we come from a very special place with very special people.
can't say I would change a thing, sometimes while looking the pictures and reading the notes it makes me feel like I am still there.

3 - I now live in Oakville Ont

I can only speak for myself however thanks for allowing me to relive a sometimes wonderful childhood...

Thanks Bob,
best wishes,
Allen Elson

Thanks Allen..... good to hear from you... we are practically neighbors as I am in Burlington.... the nice thing about reliving ones past is the wonderful times we share with friends.... have a great weekend

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