Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tales from MacKayville

Hi Bob/Marty. This anecdote was prompted by your discussion of the GFPK/ Mackayville animosity. Marty you may or may not remember this but back many moons ago when we were in Cubs together there were a few boys from Mackayville who were members of our Pack , two I remember were the brothers Napasney( Ron and John) and two I don't remember. The rivalry between the boys from The Park and Muckyville was pretty volatile but a truce was declared during our Tuesday night sessions . To ensure there would be no bloodshed after the session Akela Hewitt would permit the Napasneys and their friends to leave our meeting app 5 mins before the rest of us were released. Eventually friendships developed ,us Park boys realized that the boys from the other side of Taschereau weren't the bad guys and the five min split time was lifted JMcC

Thanks John McC..... I was never one to join clubs and such... and Cubs or Scouts were out of the question... no way was I going to wear those shorts... I do however remember Robin Miles coming to a bunch of us boys from the Park and telling us he had organized a series of football games against a group of guys from Mackayville..... helmets and shoulder pads optional... on our turf in back of the youth centre... it was not a pretty site.... my Dad came to watch us "play"... and ended up driving a couple of the guys to the hospital... we only had the one game... nobody was in shape to play a second... if truth be told no one dared to play again

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